NanoBeam got its start on Kickstarter where it had an amazingly successful campaign. We more than doubled our goal in funding which allowed us to give a little extra product to every backer. We delivered the rewards a few weeks before the deadline which is kinda rare for a new product like this. 

Here is some of the feedback we got from our campaign:

Ian Bevan   - Checking in to say: fantastic kickstarter. Got exactly what I was promised for a great price exactly when I was                           told itwould arrive. No fuss, no dramas. Hope you do more kickstarters

DeuxVis    - I have to say, this is the fastest pledge to delivery kickstarter I ever supported. Congrats on the good work !

Tony Tosi   - I just got to play with my new NanoBeams for the first time today. All I can say is freaking awesome (actually I've                      said that a few times). Thank you, Hyrum, for running such an excellent Kickstarter.

Since Kickstarter, we have continued to develop new products and improve our service. We now offer more colors and more joining plates. Looking for something? Let us know if you need a NanoBeam accessory and we will see what we can do.